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Staying healthy during isolation


Staying healthy during isolation

The Corona virus has disrupted our lives. Many have been made to self-isolate or work from home. And the change of routine and setting comes with challenges in sustaining behaviours that support good health. You may be concerned that your new routine of being at home all the time, starting at food all day long may instigate choices that do not support healthy living.

Being aware of these concerns is the first step. You can then begin to put a few strategies together. Here are a few steps to help you cope.

What to do?

Firstly many people have bought food in bulk. You may be concerned that you are likely to eat more than usual. And probably eat more of the not so good stuff. One step is to divide your foods, and keep some in storage or freezer. Only keep in sight what you need for the next few days. That way they are not close to you to be tempting you. You could also use the opportunity of being home, saving time on commuting to work, to cook from scratch more often. That way you can decide what goes into your meals. And you can be deliberate in including more healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables and pulses. With the children around, this could even be more satisfying for families. Why don’t you try your hands on different recipes?
Thirdly, find a way to drink more water. Sometimes, we could mistake thirst for hunger so drinking more often could help reduce the urge to eat extra calories which would not help you with your weight loss journey. Being in the office means, other colleagues could be prompting you with coffee and tea runs. Staying at home may be different so you have to be proactive in drinking more through the day. Drinking more often also means you stay alert and function more efficiently. Snack on fruits and vegetables. It is sometimes inevitable to have an urge to nibble. So get some fruits home and snack on these. Use this time to try differ fruits and vegetables. Get the children to also eat more fruits vegetable as snacks. Try to sit less. Sitting for long hours can affect your health even if you do regular exercise. So interrupt long period of sitting with 5-10mins walking around the house every 45min to 1hr. you can set alarms of you could decide to walk around the house anytime you phone goes off. This also gives you a break from long hours of your laptop screen which is important for your eyes. The virus is affecting physical Health. But it has a potential to affect our mental health even more. So be mindful how much time you spend on your phone, social media. And be deliberate about the information you seek and consume. Don’t rely on the constant stream of info about the virus on social media platforms. Look for info from credible sources and be wise. Practice personal hygiene and social distancing. Keep well. Stay safe.