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Choosing healthy drinks for good health


Choosing healthy drinks for good health

Healthy drinks

What to drink when watching your diet?

We know that about 70% of our body is made up of water, so we need to have regular fluids to keep the body going. The problem is that over the years we have developed the appetite to drink calories along with the fluid we need.

You can't go wrong with water.

A trusted dietitian and a nutrition coach will tell us the best health decisions you can firmly make, and keep, is to resolve NOT TO DRINK YOUR CALORIES. Calories are what put weight on us, so unless you deliberately want to pile on the pounds, drinking calories is not a wise option.

In diet clinics, it is explained that the adult body is not designed to drink calories. That is why we have teeth, so drinking calories is for babies and the elderly without teeth. Besides, most of the drinks that contain calories are full of sugar which is unhealthy.

Regulating hunger

The body does not detect calories in drinks the same way as they detect calories in foods.

Physiologically, the mechanisms that control thirst and hunger are different. When you drink, even if that drink contains calories, you do not get less hungry although you get less thirsty. You get less thirsty when the fluid in your blood and cells is enough. A signal is then sent to your brain to say you are no longer thirsty.

Being hungry, on the other hand, is controlled by your stomach and intestines. When you eat, nerves in your stomach wall sense that it is stretching and the hunger hormones which are released when the stomach is empty decrease. The intestines also release hormones,

and signals are sent to the brain to say you are full. Because liquid travels quicker in our gut, drinking calories affects how these hormones are released and how signals are transmitted to the brain to tell it you are full. So calories in drinks are less likely to make you feel full.

People see energy drinks as a saviour! But these are completely unnecessary. So are full sugar fizzy drink. They may give you a boost due to their high caffeine and sugar content, but the calories you drink from these put your health at risk.

No magic in fruit juices and smoothies

Your personal dietitian will advise you to ignore fruit juices, smoothies and juice drinks like sobolo. Eating the actual fruit is good for you, the juices not so much. Your body benefits from doing the hard work to breakdown the cells of the fruit to get the natural sugar. When the sugar has been separated from the cells, you don’t benefit that much. Your body, by design of the Almighty, does not need your help to separate the sugar from the cells. So, unless you have lost all your teeth, juicing cannot be a healthy option.

Dougie’s tip: The next time you pick your favourite drink, check how much sugar and calories it contains and look for one that has little or no sugar and calories. Your best option is to drink water. However, be careful with flavoured water. Some are laden with sugar too! If you find plain water boring, why not infuse it with lemon or any other fruit you prefer. Sugar free squash or diet drinks are also an option. You can also try green/ peppermint tea without sugar. If you have a history of anaemia, don’t drink your tea too close to your meals. This is because iron absorption could be affected.   with a personal dietitian now, and you’ll get everything explained to you from the comfort of your home or office.