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4 Women on What Brought Them Comfort During Breast Cancer Treatment

Sometimes physical objects can be a surprising source of strength. Coping with  breast cancer  treatment isn’t easy, no matter how many casseroles appear on the doorstep, or how often the neighbors pick up the kids from school. Breast cancer patients face a roller-coaster of emotions, ranging from fear and loss to courage and gratitude. To get through it, women often draw strength from supportive family and friends, and thoughtful texts, emails, and gifts . But sometimes a keepsake or another special object provides a dose of much-needed comfort. We asked four women who have been through treatment to share what that special item was for them. My grandmother’s wedding ring ANDREA LANCASTER "I was diagnosed three days after turning 44. My grandmother died of  metastatic breast cancer  but never complained. Her name was Sallie Minter, and she was my best friend. The day of my ultrasound where doctors saw my tumor for the first time, I told the ultrasound